Employee Benefits

Perhaps the single most important thing an Employer should be concerned about is the benefit package offered to Employees.  In a competitive job market, the value of a benefits package can be the deciding factor in recruiting and retaining the best employees.  Our experience and expertise in this area has proven to provide Employers the insight and guidance they need to implement the right plans for their company.

Group Health Insurance: Has there ever been a time when Medical Insurance was more complicated or frustrating??  We understand your frustration and work to make it as painless as possible by providing solid alternatives and solutions.  The benefits that the new HSA or HRA plans offer can give you a competitive edge in group health insurance.

Retirement Plans:    Most employers have a 401-K plan in place for two reasons—to attract/retain employees and to have a place to put money away for their own retirement.  But there are many other things that we want you to consider.  The design of the 401-K is so important—Do you want to add New Comparability which gives business owners the ability to contribute a larger share into their accounts?  Would you like to add a feature to the plan that has a defensive component that provides some protection against downturns in the market?  And most importantly, the regulations for fiduciary protection of 401-K plans has changed recently….is your plan in compliance?  Perhaps a Simple IRA plan, SEP IRA, or 403(b) plan is the appropriate fit for your company. 

Other Benefits:  We can assist you with additional employee benefit ideas such as Deferred Compensation Plans, Golden Handcuffs, Key Man Insurance, Group Disability, or Long Term Care.

Our commitment is to work along-side you to customize a plan that fits your needs, and then provide you outstanding service through our unique service model.