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Do you know how you run out of time, before you run out of good ideas?  Our role is to ensure that insofar as financial matters are concerned, your ideas get implemented!

Being in the business, it is important to understand how our field works.  There is a very small percentage of people who actually plan their financial future - though significantly higher numbers know they should.  Most plans, we have found, get put on a bookshelf and gather dust - rarely or ever worked.  In addition, there are usually many people involved with the actual implementation of a comprehensive plan.  Because of this, responsibility seems to be a "shared" responsibility - creating another set of problems.

We take responsibility to help you get your plan in place and functioning.  That means we co-ordinate with your CPA, Attorney, financial products, etc are all working to make your plan come to fruition.  Any planning firm that is not assuming this responsibility; well, it is not getting your job done.

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As with most other things in life, the key to achieving your long-term financial objectives is comprehensive and integrated planning*. Not coincidentally, that is our emphasis!  We work in close coordination with you, our clients, and other professionals to provide information on your varying options to (1) Increase Wealth/Cash Flow; (2) Minimize Taxation (Estate, Income, Gift, etc.); (3) direct your financial resources to more fully accomplish your stated desires.

A typical advisor will carry upwards of 1500 clients!  We maintain a small client base per advisor.   We do this to both provide the highest level of client service possible but to also allow the tightest focus on advanced concepts and applications to truly maximize your options ... and your understanding of those options.  Many people assume you already need to be "rich" to engage a financial planner/advisor.  This is simply not true - and is counterintuitive.  We have clients that are just out of college, newly married, small business owners, folks approaching or in retirement, and we have folks who are "mega-wealthy".  Our true requirements are that our clients are smart, ethical, and driven individuals.  Our best prospective clients are those that are serious about their personal financial success (you would be surprised how many people are not) and would benefit from the educational resources we bring to bear.

Please use our Web site as a resource.  You are welcome to contact us to arrange a mutual interview in order to determine if we are both appropriate for you, and a good skill-set match for your needs.  Get to know a little more about us in the "About Us" section.  Thank you for your interest.



*Michael Shipman, a registered as investment adviser representatives with Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser, offering advisory services in the state of Texas. As such, these services are strictly intended for individuals residing in that state.

Michael Shipman is also Registered Representative of and offers securities products & services through NYLIFE Securities, LLC; Member FINRA/SIPC, A Licensed Insurance Agency.  In this regard, this communication is strictly intended for individuals residing in the state of Texas.  No offers may be made or accepted from any resident outside that state.

Michael Shipman is an agent licensed to offer insurance through New York Life Insurance Company and licensed with various other independent unaffiliated insurance companies in the state of Texas.  As such, these services are strictly intended for individuals residing in that state.  No insurance business will be conducted outside this state.

Michael is licensed to offer equities, mutual funds, and other variable products.  Market Watch information is provided for informational purposes and is not considered an offering of securities.

Shipman & Associates is not owned or operated by NYLIFE Securities LLC or its affiliates.

Neither Shipman & Associates, its employees, NYLIFE Securities LLC, or its affiliates render tax, legal, or accounting advice.  Please consult with your professional advisors regarding your particular situation.


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