Your Role


Solving a complex need or developing a multi-disciplined plan is a two-way street, which means that the key to getting maximum value from our relationship is communication and candor.

It’s important to:

  • Get acquainted.   Please contact us to arrange a meeting to review your situation and discuss the products and services that can help you.   One of our few non-negotiable requirements is that we meet with both the husband and wife (in cases where the potential client is married and we are engaged in a family financial planning situation).  We will not put one of you in the position to "explain" to the other what was discussed.  Nor, frankly, will we do the work twice (conducting a second briefing) when it could have easily been done once.  Also, God forbid you kick the bucket.  We would rather not meet your spouse for the first time on this very stressful occasion.
  • Educate your Adviser*.   Don't expect us to be a mind reader. We may anticipate many of your questions, but we would rather not assume anything. That's why it's so important that you be candid in providing information.   Our firm will not share any information about you, of any kind, without your EXPLICIT permission.  Confidentiality is one of our highest priorities.
  • Educate yourself.   At the same time, you should ask a lot of questions. Be inquisitive. Ask us for details and explanations about recommendations and how certain plans may work. We endeavor not to use finanical lingo, but if we ever say anything that isn't clear - call us on it.  Your understanding is paramount!  Remember, the only "dumb question" is the one that isn't asked. 
  • Make it a team effort.   Let’s work together. Listen carefully to the recommendations, but remember — all decisions are yours. Make sure you're comfortable with the outcome. 

 *Michael Shipman offers investment advisory services as a Financial Planner with Eagle Strategies LLC, A Registered Investment Advisor.