No matter what it is we are looking for, we like to know we are getting a quality product or service. Who else to ask - other than our friends - about the experience they have had, and one in which we may share.

As you all know by now, over 98% of our personal business relationships have been by referral - one of you introducing me to a colleague, friend, or family member whom you thought would appreciate knowing what you have learned through our relationship. Thanks!

To that end, if you are in need of professional services but may not have a good place to start, please consider calling us.  We would be happy to provide three referrals for any service area you are considering.  Further, we would be happy to coordinate introductory meetings so you can meet them and decide on who works best for you.

On an interesting note, we get asked all the time about the best way to introduce us and our services when talking with people about whom you care.  Our favorite way to explain to people what we do is this:  "They help people make smart decisions about money."  If you tell them we help with investing ... or insurance ... or tax strategies ... or financial planning ... they may not be interested in that particular service or product.  But if they are interested in "making smart decisions about money", well then; we may have something to talk about.  In ending, thanks again for sharing your experiences with our firm with those that are most important to you.  It is a great honor to our firm for you to do so.

Great day all!
Our staff at Shipman & Associates

None of the referrals we may make to you for outside services are affiliated with our firm; NYLIFE Securities, LLC; or its affiliates.  Neither are we compensated for introducing you to them.