About Us

The fact of the matter is that we understand that everyone cannot be an "expert" at everything.  We rely on professionals or tradesmen or craftsmen to do those things that are important to us; but that we simply cannot dedicate the time to becoming "expert" at ourselves.

We at Shipman & Associates don't do our own taxes, surgery, or build our own cars.  Similarly, those who are most successful in their financial pursuits tend to rely on financial professionals, financial planners, investment advisors, stock brokers ... whatever you want want to call them.

Of all that these professionals bring to you ... nothing is more important than someone to provide you the information you need to make a truly informed decision.  Our role is not to tell you what to do.  Rather it is to ensure you know both the pro's and con's of any given decision.  We provide this in consultation with others (attorneys, accountants, actuaries, business brokers, etc.).  We use our time to fully understand that which you wish to accomplish.  We then do the research, and bring the team to bear to provide you the information you need.  Another item that truly sets us apart is implementation.  When you want something done, we get it done!  Far too many financial and estate plans are drawn up and never get fully implemented.  This is a terrible waste of your time and resources.

We have extremely stringent professional standards and there are certain strategies and products in which we will not participate.  We are happy to discuss them with you if the situation warrants.

Perhaps of interest to you is that our firm is rated in the top 1/3rd of the top 1% of all firms in the United States (in accordance with MDRT statistical analysis).    We also work with a number of professionals in supportive disciplines to cover us in those areas in which you may have needs, but which are not our strong suit.

Finally, we retain no discretion over your accounts.  In other words, if we take a trip to Belize ... it won't be with your money.

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Neither Shipman & Associates, its employees, Eagle Strategies LLC. nor its affiliates render tax, legal or accounting advice.  Please consult your professional advisors regarding your particular situation.